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It’s surprising, then, that much of what we call discipleship training involves learning concepts individually with little emphasis on the practical implementation of the knowledge. Not only has discipleship become passive, but it has also been tailored to fit the consumer lifestyle. It costs very little in most contexts to become a disciple—attending a class, completing a workbook, or completing a program. What we need is a new definition of discipleship. What if discipleship became more costly in terms of time, effort, relations, or finances? What if discipleship became a real apprenticeship in community?”

- Hugh Halter, Tangible Kingdom Primer

Well here you are—applying to be a part of the Discipleship Team. AWESOME! But more than that, you are exploring the possibility of entering into spiritual servant leadership in the body of Christ. You are probably pretty excited, maybe hopeful, even a little nervous about it all. Trust us, we definitely understand!

The Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Timothy that anyone who sets his or her heart on being an overseer (leader in the church) desires a noble task, and that it is. Giving of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to serve God by serving students is worthwhile, to put it mildly. It probably isn’t news to you that the work of discipleship is hard, but the benefits and rewards of spiritual leadership only start here and now—they will continue on into eternity. 

We’re sure you have a lot of questions about what being on Discipleship Team really entails, so the details and expectations are laid out here. Please take the time to carefully ready this over. We encourage you if there is anything you read that you don’t understand or need further clarification on, please feel free to bring it up with us. We are so excited to walk with you in the great adventure of student discipleship team!

I. Our Commitment to the Discipleship Team

We’d like to begin by sharing what you can expect from us, the staff, if you are on the Discipleship Team next year. The staff devotes a significant amount of our time, energy, and emotion to the training and care of this team. We believe that as we encourage and teach you, you will be better equipped to encourage and teach those in your care.

We sincerely hope that this year of discipling a core group is one of the best of your life. While we can practically guarantee you will learn a ton of stuff, we can’t promise it will always be easy or fun.  Our calling is to walk alongside you, so that whatever you feel about your experience, you won’t feel alone or in way over your head without anyone to help you out.

Staff One-on-Ones: The staff cares about your well-being. We don’t want you to feel ill-equipped or burnt out. So, as National Chi Alpha staff, we are here to help and serve you. Each one-on-one looks a little different depending on your staff leader, but in general we will meet with you on a weekly basis.

Phlock: This is another level of how the staff is going to be able to better equip you for doing ministry. This is your Core that you’re a part of, but don’t lead; your staff mentor leads it.  We want you to have an opportunity to pray for, glean new ideas from, and be encouraged by other student leaders. We hope that in this group you can be vulnerable with others; sharing your wins and struggles; and feel a deeper level of support.

Discipleship Team Meetings: These are a chance for the whole Discipleship Team of staff and students to get together.  Our first Discipleship Team meeting will be SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2024. Following D-Team meetings will be on Sundays. A complete schedule will be given during Fall Training 


Fall Discipleship Team Weekend: This year’s fall training will be the weekend of August 23-25, 2024. Please plan now to get off work completely. This is a mandatory training weekend. It is very important for our discipleship team in building community, catching a vision for the year, understanding our goals for the coming semester, and being equipped to meet those goals. The cost for the weekend is approximately $20.

Core Group: EVERYTHING will funnel through Core Groups. It is the central hub of how Chi Alpha runs. Our goal and desire is that Chi Alpha will be a ministry OF Core Groups rather than a ministry WITH Core Groups. Core group is your community; those that you genuinely live life with. We hope that Core will be a place that the Kingdom becomes tangible. Core is where you partake in studying the Bible, being missional, and having parties together.  Your Core is your family. As Core Leaders, you are the shepherds of your Core, and you care for your sheep. In fact you lay your life down for your sheep (John 10:11). You are discipling future disciple makers; training up the next generation of future Student Discipleship Team members.

Planning Core Group: A fruitful Core doesn’t happen without planning. We hope that as you genuinely live life together, that getting together and planning Core become more organic with your co-leader. But, in the beginning, it would be helpful to set aside one hour a week to meet, plan, and pray with your co-leader.

One-on-ones: One-on-ones (1:1) are incredibly important to continue the discipleship process.  Our hope is that 1:1s also become another extension of living genuinely, that they become a form of apprenticeship (DOING LIFE TOGETHER) rather than passive discipleship (learning but never doing). 1:1s are vital because it creates space for students to become more vulnerable, share their struggles, and work through specific needs. One-on-ones are expected, necessary, and a crucial part of the culture of Chi Alpha.

Monday Night Gathering: You will need to make it a priority to attend the Monday Night Gatherings. It is essential for the leadership of a community to be present when the community gathers together. Your personal commitment to Monday nights will be important as you encourage and challenge your Core Group members to be a part of the greater community as well. It will provide a corporate/large group setting for worship and teaching. It should be a fun, engaging, challenging party!!! We will need your help with altar ministry, communion, set-up, and tear-down on rotating weeks. Each week your biggest priority of the night is connecting with new students throughout the night. This is a prime opportunity to invite students to your Core Group. ALL Discipleship Team members should arrive by 5:00 pm for Set-up and Prayer before the Gathering.

Move in Weekend/Welcome Weeks: The opening of Fall Semester (Freshman move in - Fall Retreat) are a highly strategic time of outreach and it is crucial that our entire Discipleship Team is present and available to help with our outreach efforts. For those living on campus it means making sure you move into the dorms early so you can be available to meet and help other students. For those living off campus it means that you are present, available, and willing to consciously devote as much time as possible throughout the week to reaching out to students in your assigned area of campus. This will mean planning your personal move to Green Bay in such a way that you are freed up for ministry these weeks. This is probably the most intense few weeks of being a Student Discipler, but trust us, it’s worth it!

Fall Retreat: Fall Retreat provides a wonderful opportunity for your Core Group members to grow in their faith, deepen relationships within the group itself, as well as strengthen ties to the rest of the Chi Alpha community. It is essential for the Student Discipleship Team to be present at Fall Retreat so that they can be a part of the personal growth and group bonding that goes on at these types of events.  We understand that going to events is a financial commitment. If this becomes a financial hardship, please let your staff mentor know so s/he can help you find a workable solution.  Please try to plan ahead by saving some money throughout the summer. Fall Retreat is roughly around $100 and will be October 4-6, 2024.

COMISSIONED: Chi Alpha’s winter conference this year will be COMISSIONED on January 2 - 5, 2025 in Rochester, MN.  It is extremely important that you not only attend, but that you encourage those in your Core to attend as well.  COMISSIONED will be a life changing and an incredible opportunity for you and others to grow in their relationship with Jesus and to see and hear the heartbeat of missions.  Winter conference will cost roughly $200.

Mission Trips: A variety of mission trips will be offered throughout the school year/over summer break.  It is expected that all Discipleship Team members (staff & students) will attend at least one mission trip.  This is to fulfill your personal mandate to give, go, pray, and welcome AND to model to those you are discipling that cross-cultural mission trips are a part of Green Bay XA’s culture.

Giving: It is expected that every Discipleship Team member will tithe to the ministry of Chi Alpha, and encouraged that each member would support at least one missionary or missional organization (Feed One, Compassion, etc.) of their choice at the amount of their choosing, in order to learn and practice investing and sowing generously into the Kingdom of God and to keep from becoming a lover of money.

We are aware that there may be situations and circumstances that will make it difficult for you to attend all the mandatory meetings and events. In these cases, please communicate with Brian or Angie in advance so we can make any necessary adjustments.

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